Matérias Primas para a Vida

Fire Galvanizing Process


The purpose of degreasing agents is to remove all types of oil and grease from the parts. Without them the next stage in the process would not be possible.
The products used in the treatment of surfaces are alkaline and acid degreasers, not only due to facility of use but also because of their low cost. The composition and nature of these degreasing agents vary according to the type of work involved. The so-called heavy alkaline agents are used on steel or cast iron parts, and are ideal against thick dirt and dirt of a more severe nature; whereas medium alkaline agents are used where contamination is only light. And the light alkaline agents are totally free of hydroxide alkalinity and are suitable for easily corroded metals and alloys, such as aluminum, brass, zinc etc.
At this stage the parts will be immersed in a hot degreasing bath.

Degreaser types: DXR 235; DXR 235 B; DXR SB 804; DXR SP 240; Remuve

The acid degreaser is a substitute for the heavy and medium alkaline degreasers.
At this stage the parts will be immersed in the cold degreasing bath; heating is not needed and the next stage of the rinsing process is eliminated.

Degreaser types: Hidrox